About Janice's Kitchen

What is this thing I started with my family and society a few years ago ? 

There are definitely many benefits to having an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle, it saves you money and protects the environment. "Eco-Friendly" and "Going Green" have become buzz words. 

But what are the criteria...... ? 

Challenging the status quo with nothing but enthusiasm and creativity, it's the small victories that have managed to get us this far, and the dream of contribution towards a greater good, a more connected society, a conscious movement towards this Eco- Revolution.

Welcome to Janice's Kitchen

Janice's Kitchen is not open on public holidays or weekends.... we are also not a Retail Shop.... we are a Factory, well actually we ARE a Kitchen. 

Should you wish to place an order please contact Janice on 072 557 2579 or email admin@janiceskitchen.co.za

We also have a FABULOUS list of stockists throughout the country, please feel free to ask and we will advise your nearest stockist. 

Once your order has been manufactured and packed for you, we will contact you and either deliver it, if you out of town, or you may collect it during the hours our Kitchen is open.
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