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Janice's Kitchen Bee's Wraps

Available size: 30 x 30cm square wraps 
Each Pack consists of (3) Three Wraps

Contact Janice on 072 557 2579 or email 
to place your orders 

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How Do You Care For Your Wrap ?

Washing and drying Janice's Kitchen Bee's Wax Wraps is super easy as they just get a quick rinse under cold water and then left to dry naturally in your kitchen. 
Your can reuse them over and over and over again.......... 
Do not place your Janice's Kitchen Bee's Wrap in the oven, microwave or hot water as the wax will melt.

Janice's Kitchen Bee's Wax Wraps

These beeswax wraps can last up to a year as a wrap for food if cared for correctly, but they can have many other uses in their second life, too: 
• Cut into strips, Janice's Kitchen Bee's Wraps make great fire starters for camping. 
• Repurpose them as a campsite/ picnic placemat. 
• Use them to help open jar lids. 

At the end of its productive life, your Janice's Kitchen Bee's Wrap can be reborn as part of your compost since they are biodegradable. 

Are our Bee's Wraps Antibacterial? 
YUP ! Beeswax and Jojoba Oil, two of the main ingredients, are both naturally antibacterial. 

Why are our Wraps not white ?
 Very simple. Our Bee's Wax is not white, therefore when we use it on our cloth, it gives it a lovely honey yellow tint.

Do Janice's Kitchen Bee's Wax Wraps Smell ?
Yes, like beeswax. Since we use naturally filtered beeswax, our wraps will smell like honey and bee's wax. The nectar collected by the bees can create slightly different sweet smells (which we love). 

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